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getgui 2.02   20 Apr, 2005

New features:
  • alarmclock, an interactive alarm clock utility that uses getgui. Set the time you want the alarm to go off, and a message. When the time comes a getgui box appears on your screen with the reminder.

  • new command line option -keycursor allows control of where the cursor is initially in a key input field.

  • -initval can now be used with -filepick

getgui 2.01   23 Feb, 2005

New features:
  • new command line option -keyend. If specified, the GUI box will terminate when user presses Enter or Tab, even if buttons are present.

  • new command line option -sleepmin n. If specified, getgui will sleep for n minutes before doing anything allowing getgui to be used as a popup reminder.

  • new command line option -async. If specified, getgui will output a line of text containing the string !waiting! to stdout every 1/2 second. This allows C programs to do other things (such as service expose events) while polling for a getgui user response.

getgui 2.00   21 Oct, 2004

This is a complete rewrite (except for underlying graphic and x11 code). Some command line option names and syntax have changed relative to v 1.3.. if you have existing scripts that use getgui 1.3 some porting will be necessary in order to use 2.0. Also, libgetgui(3) is no longer available.

New features:
  • automatic control layout
  • automatic centering on X11 screen
  • select box (-selectbox), pulldowns (-pulldown), and associated features
  • file selection box (-filepick)
  • horizontal layout option (-horiz, useful for wizard interface)
  • title option (-title)
  • key entry area now scrolls horizontally
  • many style details controllable from the command line
  • cursor blink on -keyin field
  • -shortpick and -ipick for managing user selections

  • libgetgui(3) no longer available; C programs can use popen() and fgets() to invoke getgui as a separate process, and capture the results.
  • the -editbox multiline text entry control is no longer available.. suggested replacement is to deploy a user-friendly editor such as xedit(1) or pico(1).
  • button label specification now uses bar (|) separator; before it used comma separator. Since it has bar separators it now must always be enclosed in quotes.
  • -prompt is now called -msg
  • -keyinput is now called -keyin
  • the control scheme for in-progress messages now uses a semaphore file
  • -keyinput -pw is now -password
  • getgui(1) alarm clock functionality has been dropped - I hope to implement this as a separate utility
  • Some minor command line options have been dropped.
  • Window expose events should now be handled properly everywhere.

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